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Hat's off to Club Quattro taper...

O' liday greetings, 
Got to tip my hat to the taper who recorded JPJ @ Osaka Dec 8th.
Out of almost 30 JPJ shows I have collected this is the absolute best
recording I've heard. Without and audience in the mix this could pass
as an official studio release. At the very least an excellent stereo 
SB. Needs the steel guitar mix up a hair or two but besides
that completely beautiful. Too bad it's from the first leg and has no "GTC"
or "NFBM". SQ 10-/10 Similar in some respects to PoB SB from
Sheffield without the flaws. 

"Grind" gets in your bones and makes you want to move!
Anybody notice how much
faster the live versions are compared to the studio release? Damn, there
seems like there could be words to that song (besides the Mo/Jonesy
exchange). Listen to the riffs and you can imagine the lyrics.

Interesting audience banter between JPJ and the Japanese audience
too. Before NQ JPJ comments how nice it is to be back in Osaka
27 years later. He asks if they were here the last time cuz they all
sound the same. JPJ then calls for dry ice, lasers and Don Perigon
At which point a Japanese aud. member adds "girls!"
Jonsey comments "this is a family show" before eloquently keying
the opening notes to NQ.   

Thanks for a most enjoyable show and another great recording.
If by chance the taper is on this list (slim, I know) please share you
tips and types of equipt.
Well done....