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Re: Re: Copenhagen/Japan Tree

        Please, forward all this info to me ...(brands of software,
hardware, use tips, methods, hints, anything that would be helpful to the
newbie or vet) ... . I want to build a site that would serve as a clearing
house for all this info ...
   If we can educate people , it will benefit the trading community greatly
... more traders = more good music that's recorded correctly ...

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> Larry wrote :
> I'm thinking maybe a short list of accepted software, similar
> to a list of hardware that's supported by some software products.
>  Of course there still needs to be the standard "must know how
> to use it"
> I'd like to agree with that ..
> It's no good using EAC if you don't bother to , or understand why to set
> the offsets in both your reader and burner . Even though it's a great
> utility it can't do perfect extraction without that .
> Graham