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Re: Earl's Court Magick at Anniversary Daze

Hi Badgies,

At 23:12 00-05-26 -0700 Samantha wrote:

>Last time I checked this was the artistic work of Led
>Zeppelin...that was stollen from them and then hoarded
>by someone who is, for some sick twisted reason,
>getting off on the fact that he has control over who
>can and cannot view it....who gave him this power? 

As far as I'm concerned, Jimmy and his lawyers well know who has the copy
and for "some sick twisted reason" they allow him to keep it... Please note
that the fact he owns a vhs dub doesn't neccessarily mean he actually stole
it. Also, from what I've heard it might be possible that the person in fact
has very good relations with Jimmy himself who sometimes seems to be
willing to pass a few tapes to trustworthy friends. Unfortunately, a few
recordings he's given to various people ended up on bootleg cds, and the
word is that Jimmy got pissed off badly because of that. 

>I'll tell you who gave him the power...all those
>people who settle for the little crumbs of footage
>that he throws at your feet...like hungry dogs living
>off the scraps given by their masters.

Let me ask you a question... Have you already seen all the Zeppelin footage
that is circulating? Heard everything? 

>Bootlegging the bootlegger...its so ironic and
>twisted....I love it. I like when bootleggers get a
>taste of their own medicine :)"Keepin' it real :)"

Again, that person is certainly NOT a bootlegger! How do you make a profit
from "hoarding" something, especially when you know you would NEVER be
allowed to let the thing out?

>>We had considered hiring the ghost of Peter Grant to
>>enforce this restriction 
>Ok...so you don't respect the right for Jimmy Page to
>have control over his collection of zep material.

And you seem to not respect the right for somebody to keep something they
were generously given to themselves! Come on, for some reason Jimmy is not
giving the tapes to you or me. 

>But you respect the right of a hoarder and a
>bootlegger to have control over the viewing of Earls
>Court...doesn't this seem a bit strange to anyone else
>but me ?? !!

Not at all. What makes you think you deserve the rights to the Earl's Court

>>and simply enjoyed the experience of seeing the
>>fabulous footage.
>and I bet the guy that owned it was jerking to the
>fact that he was king for the day.

Excuse me, but wouldn't you?
And after all, he finally did allow a group of people to see a large chunk
of the footage... And I bet they appreciate that. What else do you want? 

>if someone did tape it, and then gave it away...could
>the guy who owns it sue ???? I think not!
>People...go for it !!! 

Obviously, it would be the last time the fans saw anything rare. 

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