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Re: Copenhagen/Japan Tree

laburnett@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Christopher wrote:
> >>>>>>>>>
> I use Adaptec,and,as with *many* things,the solution is very
> simple. All you have to do is make DAO your default setting!!If
> people are creating TAO discs,there is no good excuse for it.They're
> either uninformed,lazy,or don't give a damn!
> <<<<<<<<<<
> True, alot of people easy cd creator, and use it correctly.
> However, if we had a couple standard rules, and had everyone
> use the same thing, it could cut down on the chances of gaps
> being introduced because of changed settings in ez cd or whatever.
> I've started puting a list together and maybe we can see if it
> can be hammered out and make everyone happy.
> -Larry

I completely agree that something needs to be done if the problems are
as widespread as it appears they are.I don't have CDRWin,so obviously
I don't know much about it.Is it impossible to make TAO discs with that
program?The reason I ask is because,as you say,many people use other programs
and do great work.So problem discs shouldn't necessarily be an indictment of
certain equipment,instead I think it reflects the user.I realize that my 
statement offers no real solution,but I think that this point really needs to
be remembered:) Sounds harsh,I guess,and I'm not sure what can be done about 
that.I say everyone should do what I did when i first got my setup,and that is
*PRACTICE* making discs for yourself.Reading manuals,etc.,is one thing,but DOING
is what matters.So it's a few bucks wasted on CD-Rs.Learn how to do it right on
your own time,and you're eventually paid back with the knowledge and confidence
of knowing what you're doing,and harvesting a solid reputation!Unfortunately,we
can ask via a mailing list or email whether someone "knows how to use their
equipment",but who would admit(or maybe even know) that they didn't.Then the proof
is in the bad discs,and of course at that point,it's too late:(
*Phew!*Sorry Larry,and everyone else,I realize I've only added bandwidth here,but I
needed to get that off my chest:)