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Re: Re: [LedZeppelin] Re: Copenhagen/Japan Tree

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> Chris wrote:
> > try some of the standards the pearl jam perma tree I > started
> uses....seems to be working really well...only 1
> > complaint about a bad disc & that was from the dude's > equip
> failing.....
> Nice list Chris, and probably something that could be used.
> However, about CDRWin.  My initial post had said something along
> the lines that it should be required by branches, and for PC
> folks, I stick by that.  But what about thse folks on Mac?  Does
> anyone know of a good DAO burning program that traders should
> adopt as a standard?
> -Larry

One minor quibble - if you can even call it that.  I know that EAC for
extraction is essential (well, when you aren't branching for a ZD .shn tree
;o)  ) but why CDRWin?
I am assuming you mean for burning purposes, and I'm happy to be corrected
if I'm wrong.  But please, can you provide reasons for this as the only
choice?  I mean sound quality reasons - ease of use, cost and features
comparisons mean little to me as I know how to use EZCD, I'm used to how
it's *features* and it was free.  If there is a marked sound difference, I
will be happy to switch but I'm not interested in acquiring yet another
program when what I have does what I need it to do if there isn't a vast
improvement awaiting me at the end of the installation.

Thanks for your attention and apologies that this isn't, strictly speaking,
Zep related.  (But I think that we can all agree that the ultimate goal of
better sounding Zep shows is worthy content.  ;o)  )