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Re: Classic Rock May Issue - Transcript [Part 2]

Terra says:

> Here's the second part of the Classic Rock article.
<excellent (although at times depressing) transcription snipped>

Thanks Terra, for presenting this article for us to read. Most 
excellent work!

Now for a few thoughts on the article so far..

Robert Plant is a fucking pain in the ass! I simply can't believe the 
friggin' ego on this clown! 

My whole take on the damned situation is for Page to take Robert 
Plant's phone number, wad it up, and throw it in the 
trashcan.....no.....BURN it! 

Jimmy, call Jonesey and make some music, man! Forget that 
panty-waist jackass Plant! If he don't want to sing Zeppelin songs, 
fine, because he sounds like shit anyway. Get a _good_ vocalist, 
get the boys together and move ever onward! 

I wonder if Plant's called a carpenter to widen the doors on his 
house to accomodate his HUGE-assed head???? 

I'll tell ya, Jimmy and Jonesey don't _need_ this asshole! If all he's 
concerned with is being the most famous person in the room, then 
let him hang around the shrimp platter in the POB tents and let 
those people kiss his ass, then send him to the house where he 
can look at himself all day and primp and preen till he's happy.

Robert Plant's days as Rock-Boy is over. Time to let the Big Dogs 
take over!

Thoroughly disgusted,