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RE: Hawaii '70

Mark Klecka:

>Holiday in Waikiki is noticeably fast.  Box of Tricks sounds perhaps a 
>shade slow, but it's much more accurate, as well as being more pleasing in 
>general to my ears.  Since I don't have perfect pitch, I compared both cds 
>to a show known to be speed corrected, the recent Zeppelin Digital 
>Copenhagen tree.  I also listened to Blueberry Hill, recorded just days 
>earlier.  It's easy to be fooled by Plant's voice, which is often in his 
>Elvis mode, and sounds deep even on HiW.

The best way to check for the correct pitch is to tune a guitar to concert 
tuning and play along.

I used to have Holiday and Box o' Tricks, but sold Box because it is 
mastered too hot.  There was obvious digital distortion whenever the band 
and Plant got heavy, and they got plenty heavy in Honolulu!  This 
distortion is nowhere to be found on the Holiday boot, and is much more 
intrusive than the sound of Robert's vocal cords inflicting serious damage 
on the microphone and PA. 

- --Dave Anderson.