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Re: Copenhagen/Japan Tree

>Time to put a "shitty branches" list together? Only use those
>individuals who have proven to be worthy of branch duty?  Go back
>to analog?  How about some standard rules for branch duty:

I'd be happy to start this.  Not only did my branch send me shows with 2
second gaps, he also sent them on inferior, cheap media.  Even though I sent
his shows, burnt perfectly on quality media.   He lied to me and told me his
main branch sent him the discs with 2 second gaps, I confirmed with this
individual that this was false.  To top it all off, when I asked him about
the gaps and media he was very rude and acted like it wasn't his
responsibility to insure quality.  He informed me that I should be grateful
he took the time to send me discs and answer my emails at all.

Stay away from the following "trader":

Jay Goldstein

Melville, NY 11747