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Re: Oh the songs to sing when we at last return again...

Didn't he say recently (within the last few years) that he was becoming more
appreciative of the Doors, so how about Five to One or Roadhouse Blues.
Hello I love you would be great.  Maybe go out and spook everyone with a
cover of Helter Skelter, spook JP and the Crowes with Sister Luck or She
talks to Angels.

I'll ask him after the gig!


> For Robert,
> why stop with Louie, Louie,
> I thought one of the frat houses at Hanover college had actually
> hired the Kingsmen
> they had lots of money.
> the hello people's I Love You from '66
> or
> Lothar and the Hand People or
> more doors Hello I love you or,
> summertime blues, ala blue cheer, not who...
> anything but led zeppelin....
> 96 tears
> "She's Not There"
> Barbara Ann...
> little bit o MC5
> touch of Olias of Sunhillow
> or the ever popular Bali High medley
> as visited upon by the Cincinnati Pops
> the more I think about it, I'll bet
> that Robert was familiar with "South Pacific"
> when he was a boy...
> that kind of innocence is fun,
> but then innocence gets replaced with being tall,
> cool
> one...
> Slow Dance
> The Pink Lady