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Re: 25-11-71

Excellent thought on the speaker cones ... most people belive Celestion
speakers to be excellent ....they're excellent for guitarists, they're
really not for hi-fi
 because they deliver that special speaker distortion ... As it relates to
PA systems & vocals , I think you may be on to something

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> Wormian praise:
> > Hat's off to David Montgomery for an excellent review filled with much
> > enthusiasm and insight
> Seconded.
> > what recordings would one suggest from the 70-72 ear ahh
> > where Robert is not only in stellar voice but the recording captures it
> > perfectly without major overload?
> Divinity (3/7/70) hasn't left my CD player very often since I picked it up
> a few months ago. Has just enough overload to make it interesting.
> Re. vocal overload: agree with David that tapers' mics were vulnerable to
> such sonic assaults in those pre-DAT days, but whenever I hear that type
> of distortion, I wonder whether it wasn't the poor speaker cones in the
> house p.a. that were surrendering, rather than the taper's mic.