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Re: best group pictures

Dear Mende,
If it's actually on the Starship it's January 24, 1975 on the plane
between Chicago
and Cleveland or if it's the photo with Jimmy from a side view with
the Jack Daniels
straight up it's the next night backstage at Market Square Arena.
The story goes the entire fifth was downed over those two days in an
effort by
Jimmy to help numb the pain for the broken finger he'd suffered.
Was a bit of a contributing element to the fact that no dates were
played the 26th,
27th, or the 28th. The Jack Daniels was long gone before the 29th.
references would be Neal Preston's Portraits or the Photographers
Led Zep
The Pink Lady

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> Hi,
> <guess what song is on the radio at the moment?> Starts with 'S'
> Anyway, I was wondering, what do people think is the best group
pictire that
> they have seen?
> Mine would have to be the one which was taken (i think) 29/1/75.
> I'm not sure if it's in the starship, but Jimmy's up front with
the bottle
> of Jack Daniels, Plant and Jones are in the background, and Bonham
> leaning against the wall in his boiler suit and bowler hat behind
jimmy. For
> some reason he looks like a shifty plumber that's done a bad job
> Mend