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RE: pagey in july guitar world.

hey, i agree!  sometimes i can't tell if chris robinson is just singing with
LZII blaring over the PA or if there's actually a band behind him.
Honestly, I'd rather have the drug-haze Page of the 1980 tour over europe
tour than any of his recent stuff...  it all just sounds too conservative
and uninspired to my ears.  i was listening to the page/crowes version of
TYG and while it was actually kinda decent, i'll take the knebworth version
any day just because it's not so goddamn predictable.  in particular, i love
the outro solo played at knebworth, that's what the tele b-bender was made

there is at least one thing i appreciate page/crowes for though, and that's
for introducing me to some old school fleetwood mac.  i had heard of peter
green before, but never really listened to any of his music until i heard
"oh well".  awesome song, great guitarist, quite a cool band back in the
day...  check out live versions of "rattlesnake shake" whenever you can...
one last non-zep thing:  can anyone recommend any green-era fleetwood mac
bootlegs?  thanks

> -----Original Message-----
> > > Dave, you're obviously forgetting the pure
> > brilliance in finally performing "Ten Years Gone" with
> > three guitars, just like it is on "Physical Graffiti".
> >
> > Yeah, but Vin, he needed a lot of help to reach that
> > brilliance. Two other guitars worth of help.
> >
> > > That's what live music is all about!
> I was being sarcastic there, Bill.  I think you should know by
> now that I'm not
> into the "blind idolatry" either.  Live music is most certainly NOT about
> recreating the studio track.  Any group or artist that does it is
> cheating the
> audience, plain and simple.
> All of Bill's other statements on the matter I firmly and completely agree
> with.
> Sorry for not including the little smiley face.  :)
> Vin