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Re: Faust's Gambit

Correct intention is the first step on the bodhisattva path  ... never let
anyone downplay good intentions ...
     Those that would say "the road to hell is paved with good intentions"
probably don't have them ...
Beside, I have a reliable source that ells me its paved with sulfur concrete
which has to be re-poured every decade
       ..."good intentions" just wouldn't stand up to the traffic

<<<<<<<< he would probably wind up in similar straits again before long and
meet the same fate >>>>>>>>>.
   Not likely,  it's a very rare occurrence for a drunk to choke on his
vomit to the point of death  ...
His heroin use would have probably taken off resulting in him leaving drink
by the wayside, leaving him quite safe ...

<<<<<< Bonham's death served as a 'wake-up call' for Page >>>>>>>..
        Not even a little bit ...    (is that what he told you ???)

 the 3rd point is just a mishmash of two prior points  ...

Me thinks Michael Gilson would have saved the day with his unselfish act ...

           I , of course, would have returned a decade earlier to lend my
genius to the band as a member ...(JPJ would have a much larger legend today
as a result)
   and Zep would also have a greater legend , as a live band
   Bonzo would have been saved because he would have been up to his ears in
pretty young things that I had to turn away to keep myself from exhaustion

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> Michael Gilson <mgilson@xxxxxxxxx> responded to the challenge:
> >The answer is obvious. Go back to Page's house in Windsor late
> >in the evening of September 24, 1980, stick around for 3 h 59
> >min and make sure poor Bonzo doesn't shift in his sleep ... or
> >maybe wake him up and make him throw up into a bucket (sorry
> >for the graphic description). Then come back to the present.
> You are correct, that is certainly the obvious answer but it is hardly the
best answer. To begin with, your course of action is extremely foolish and
wreckless. Though your intentions are noble, one must remember that even the
road to hell is paved with good intentions. Consider the following
forseeable outcomes:
> 1) Even if you managed to save Bonham on the night of 9/24/1980, by that
time his drug abuse habit was just getting worse and he would probably wind
up in similar straits again before long and meet the same fate.
> 2) In some ways Bonham's death served as a 'wake-up call' for Page to quit
his own drug abuse habit before it killed him as well. Hence, if you managed
to save Bonham on the night of 9/24/1980 then Page would not have received
such a 'wake-up call' and he may well have continued his destructive
behavior ending ultimately in his own untimely death.
> 3) Remember too that Bonham didn't even quit drinking after his long-time
friend Keith Moon died. In the worst case scenario of forseeable outcomes,
Page may well have died as explained above, followed shortly thereafter by
Bonham. That would surely have been a sad state of affairs.
> Therefore, I must conclude that you have chosen...unwisely. But at least
you chose a course of action that's Led Zeppelin related because it shows
that you truly belong here along with all the other freaks.
> As for Thor Iverson and his predilection for sadomasochism, I can only
wonder if he was abused as a child...
> -Standby-