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Drummer Polls are a real snare

Wrote a young  "Kev Dearn" <pinax.the.invoker@xxxxxxxxxx>

I have dug out a millenium poll that Rhythm magazine carried out.  The
drummers choice for the *best* came out as follows:

1. Buddy Rich (Buddy Rich Band - jazz and big band)
2. John Bonhman
3. Vinnie Colaiuta (which makes this guy the 'greatest living drummer in the
world') (Sting, sessions)
4. Kieth Moon
5. Stewart Copland (Police, toured once with Duran Duran!)
6. Terry Bozzio (Beck, Zappa)
7. Ringo Starr (some obscure group from the sixties...)
8. Chad Smith (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)
9. Louie Bellson (Duke Ellington)
10. Gene Krupa (Gene Krupa)

~ wormking jumps in. Polls, schmolls. this was a poll of drummers as to
who's best?
Ringo? really?  Chilli Peppers?  So sting has two of the best drummers
ever heard of Bill Summers? didn't think so

If we are to believe this poll, then we can only claim that Bonzo is the
best *rock* drummer ever.

~ claim whatever you want. Opinions are opinions, where's Zigaboo Modaliste
of the Meters? one of John's contemporaries and idols and who taught
everybody how to get funky

I have never heard Buddy Rich, but I have heard and read plenty about him
that suggests that he was could play harder, faster and better than the
rest.  He once played Ginger Baker's drum solo 'Toad' on stage!  There are
not many who could pull that one off...

~ never heard of Buddy Rich?, please

IMO the voters were generous putting Moonie as high as number 4.  He was the
best 'Keith Moon-style drummer in the world' but he could not do anything

~ what, you have to be kidding, right?

 when Pete Townsend wrote a song for the Who with a 6/8 rhythm, 'Music
Must Change', Moonie was unable to lay down a drum beat for it, he only
played cymbals. 

~ THe song was subtle and did not require a thunderous beat, please
I highly doubt Keith couldn't work in other registers

Sorry, but the drummers in this poll only ranked Bill Bruford as no. 43.

~ polls schmolls, listen with your own ears, and this is only one worms
and Billy plays every time signature known on the planet, he has worked with
Fripp and Steve Howe for goodness sake

When comparing Bruford with Bonzo, you are 'comparing apples with oranges'
(apologies for the cliche).  Bruford is a jazzer, while Bonzo sat on the
rock side of the spectrum. 

~ you want to hear in your face rock drumming? put on "Larks Tongue in
Aspect II" and tell me that bruford is  a jazzer. Hold on to something when
you play this

 Bruford is able to many fancy things with his
sticks, Bonzo could many fancy things with his bass drum.  Whichever one
prefers is a matter of one's taste and personal opinion.  I know where mine

~ bruford is the king of snare rim shot, and his cymbal and percussion work
is nothing short of excellent
~ Bonzo pummelled the drums with his trees, he was not a foot man only

Happy paradiddling,


P.S. As for the best beat of all time, it is good old Bonzo with 'When the
Levee Breaks'!  I cannot say that I disagree...

~ a steady beat and recorded real well, but does he ever work off of it?

~ JR lets hear your "drummers" opinion!
and I still think Kenny Jones sucked in the WHo (sorry Lady of Pinkness)
his Faces work was palatable, then again Pete saved his best early 80's
material for his solo albums much to Daltry's anger