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Re: bonham's up there, but other moons shine brufordly

 so many great drummers, so little space: cozy powell,
aynsley dunbar, tommy aldridge, terry bozzio, ian
paice, jerry shirley, joey kramer, johanson/trucks,
michael derosier, michael shreive, albert bouchard,
barriemore barlow, ritchie hayward..........
- --- "Bergeon, Thomas TC SEPCO"
<TB831668@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Wormking goes after the skins
> Bonham has incredible prowess and revolutionized
> many things in drumming
> but the all out best drummer?
> what started this wormian add naw see um?
> not seeing the rare footage of Bonzo kicking Chuck
> Berry's sit in drummer's
> ass then trouncing his kit, this was actually
> watching the old war saga
> Watching TSRTS DVD
> same old dated show (it looked dated in 76 at the
> first theatre run)
> and that damn cymbal thing on the high hat is so
> damn annoying
> never did enjoy MOBY DICK
> then again that was for Robert and Jimmy's backstage
> satisfaction
> as much as I love Bonzo and his child like
> enthusiasm
> and demolition of a kit and timing and syncopation
> spectacular
> I'll take Keith Moon and Bill Bruford any day
> and didn't Playboy magazine once rate Karen
> Carpenter higher than John Henry
> in a year end poll? I think this was 75
> Keith was an absolute monster
> Bill the king of improv
> lets hear some eloquent discussions on this (with
> references to their work
> from songs, etc)
> not just re butt al's of "no - Tom you ignorant slut
> you"
> I'm bored, I'm the chairman of the board