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Earl's Court Magick at Anniversary Daze

Hi all

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all concerned in the organisation of
Anniversary Days on Saturday,
especially to those responsible for giving us the privilege of seeing an
hours brilliant footage of Earl's Court  - it was superb - can't wait for
Anniversay Days (hopefully later this year) when we are promised more of the
same but better, if that's possible. 

WHY, oh why won't they release this??   Plant looks beautiful (as usual) and
sounds fabulous (where you all get the idea that his voice had gone by '75 I
really don't know - he'd cetainly found it for this performance), Page is on
great form as are Bonzo and JPJ.  I particularly enjoyed Trampled and the
accoustic set.   It's so much more enjoyable when you can see them
performing as opposed to just listening to the recording.   Please, by the
grace of P&P, may our petition have the desired effect and bring us all a
copy of this fantastic show. 

One word of complaint to the organisers - I hope you realise that you made
us all miss the Eurovision Song Contest.  If I'd realised, it would have
been a tough decision to make - whether to watch Earls Court or Eurovision.

Jean the UK one