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Re: Faust's Gambit

If I was a very selfish person, I would go to Seattle 3/21/75.   If I wanted
to do the world some good, I would find out when and where Jimmy first used
a needle and talked him out of it and get his signature to hand over all the
future concerts on audio and video where applicable.


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>pagey's house on that awful night so i could try to
>encourage bonzo to dial his drinking back a
>notch...--- Anonymous Coward
><anonymous_coward@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Faust's Gambit
>> Let us assume that you have The Object and it is a
>> time travel device with but three constraints:
>> 1) The Object has two charges. A charge is expended
>> for each person transported in time.
>> 2) The second charge must be used within 4 hours of
>> the first.
>> 3) The exact date and location of the destination
>> is required to operate The Object.
>> What would you do and why? Defend your answer.
>> The possibilities are endless, but some outcomes are
>> clearly better than others. Choose wisely for even
>> the most innocuous actions may have profound
>> consequences.
>> -Standby-