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Re: Upcoming P/C tour.

      if by guitarist you mean well rounded musician
who plays guitar (composer, arranger, producer,
guitarist), then it's pagey hands down.
      but when it comes to technical proficiency on
the specific instrument, then beck gets the nod. even
if he is, and has always been a woefully inconsistent
recording artist.
      once again, just my own 2p,
                ritchie :-)
- --- MrZeppelin@xxxxxxx wrote:
>  Will Jeff Beck swallow his pride and accept the
> opening position on the
> > Page/Crowes tour?  There's always been a fierce
> competition between the two,
> > and Page has gone on to great success despite
> arguably being the inferior
> > guitarist. 
> Hmm, that's _very_ arguable.  I wouldn't call Page
> inferior to Beck.
> > Brad
> I would like to second that notion....Beck inferior
> to Page, on the other 
> hand, wouldn't give it a second thought because it's
> true.
> Steve