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> In other words, the man who once adopted "ever onward" as a career strategy
> seems to have settled for "I just wanna play Zeppelin.

I think he's settling for "I just wanna play a bunch of Zep tunes, a lot of 
which I didn't play live before, and never with three guitars wailing out all 
the guitar parts I wrote."

>> 06/21/77 is nice, but overrated. Jimmy's soloing ain't the best in a
lot of the songs. Bonzo on the other hand.<<

Jimmy runs out of gas after the acoustic set, but his soloing on everything 
up until then is phenomenal.  His solos are far more cohesively structured 
and better executed then Badgeholders, for example.  I think the NQ solo is 
phenomenal, as is the OTHAFA, basically everything up to and including TYG.  
After that, I don't need to hear any more.

Speaking og OTHAFA, I dig tempo on the Nassau 75 show, plus the sweet 
extended soloing.  Anybody notice how aggressive Jonesy was in 75, especially 
when compared to 77 tour?