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Does anyone have a clean copy of 6/25/72&77?

Since a clean copy is better than a corrupt copy, I am looking for one.  Many 
people got screwed (as some people say that are very concerned when trading), 
with this corrupt copy, so I am in search of an absolute-positively perfect 
copy.  When I get thsi copy from someone I will then do a tree-like thing, 
but I am thinking that I will be the only branch and then burn a thousand 
copies for everyone, unless there are people that really want to branch.
So Please someone with a clean copy let me know if we can work a trade or 
something, I would like to clean this mess as soon as possible.
For anyone that read my previous posts, please void them.  I will now be 
waiting for a clean copy and copy for people, and I have already thrown out 
my copy that has the clicks and pops.
Thanks for your time and help