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DVD's and Sutch

 Someone had asked if the TSRTS DVD was worth buying.If you've been
watching the store-bought VHS release for years, I would say YES! TSRTS
was the first ever DVD I had ever watched in someone's home, and what
struck me was how CLEAR all the footage looked. You can of course also
zoom in, which is kinda neat. So a DVD player is definitely on the wish
list now )also fun to play with all the options too.
 Funny that someone also asked if there is a way to remove vocals from
something (thinking of Lord Sutch). Well, my friends and I had discussed
years ago how great that album might sound if it werent for The World's
Worst Vocalist ( our dear departed Lord Sutch had a real claim to that
title).(And YOU thought David COVERDALE was the pits).
 The 'stereo' mix on that album is kinda strange tho- if you pan left or
right, you'll hear either only the vocals and guitar, or the drums and
bass (or some other combination). Still, I think it would be way cool to
hear the Page/Crowes pull out 'Thumping Beat'.....or 'Flashing
Still wanna eat some acid and try the Wizard of Oz/Dark Side Of The Moon
Michael O.