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Dream TSRTS DVD Release

Well, I haven't seen the DVD yet and can only go by what's been 
discussed in the various Zep forums. However, from what I can 
gather from the poor reception that it got was that its basically just 
the original movie with a few seconds added in various places and 
the theatrical trailer. 

Anyway, this is what I think should have been released and why: 

DVD 1: The Song Remains the Same + Theatrical Trailer.
DVD 2: The (semi-officially released) Out Takes of the above.

Seeing alternative stage footage of the songs featured during the 
fantasy and other non-band footage, particularly Rain Song and 
Dazed would have been a treat and possibly would have got around 
the alledged vetoing that Plant has enforced with regard to his 
"warbling" live voice at other live shows --- given that the material is 
already in the public domain as a official release. Also, it wouldn't 
have entailed very much more work releasing TSRTS as a double 
DVD as the Out Takes Movie was basically already extant and 
would only have need transferring to disk. Personally, I think that 
fans have been treated appallingly with regard to live sound and 
video footage and a release such as described above would have 
gone at least some way towards redressing the situation and 
rewarding the many loyal fans around the world, many who have 
waited years for the odd bread crumb to come their way.

Lastly, with regard to the cover (and inside) artwork on the DVD, 
the art director deservedly needs to be shot. The cover features a 
Les Paul Custom guitar and every idiot knows that Page played a 
Les Paul Standard model (and a right-handed one at that). If they 
didn't, they shouldn't have been involved in the project. Just my 2 
cents worth.

Mr Cappuccino