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Voodoo Drive - Background anybody?

Hello All,

Re; Adelaide 72

I was listening to my copy of 'Voodoo Drive' in the car today at full tilt. 
After such a long time and countless hours listening to the more 'obscure' 
recordings, I'd forgotten just what a cracking gig/recording this was. You 
want 'The Hammer Of The Gods'? Well, you've got it with this show.

As is the case with most open air shows, the recording 'breathes' slightly 
and I was thinking just what an amazing tape this would of been had it been 
bootlegged at an indoor venue.

Does anybody have any background on the person who recorded this and the 
equipment used?

It sounds as though quality equipment was utilized but if that's the case, 
why go to the trouble if you were going to record the show in a 'messy' 
fashion like this (you can hear the tape speed up before each song as 
though the taper had his finger on the pause button to conserve tape).

Leo, perhaps you know?