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Clarksdale Music Videos

Hey gang,

I recall during the time the album  "Walking Into Clarksdale" came out that
there were a couple of music videos for the album.  

I saw snippets of "Most High" on the internet at the time, but never saw
anything on TV (I wouldn't think it could get played on any music channel

Anywho, has anyone seen any of these videos in their entirety?  I'm sure
they must be somewhat forgetable, but I was curious.  Does anyone have them?

One thing our boys have been so guilty of is HORRIBLE music videos.  I mean
they don't come from a music video era, but still.  I forgot which Plant
video it was, but there was one where he is in a karate outfit getting beat
up and flipped around.  I do enjoy watching some of that stuff on "Mumbo
Jumbo" as penance though when I've been especially bad.  Nothing like the
music video for "Tall Cool One" to make up for the wrong doings of the day!

In other news:

I've been on Napster lately to download the "one hits" I like from some of
the "one hit wonders" around.  Nothing like a little retribution for having
been dupped into buying so many albums with only one song worth listening to.

If you regularly check under Led Zeppelin you'll find some amusing "creations:"

1) A "very rare" acoustic version of Black Dog.  I was so laughing when I
heard this one.  It's a fake, but still so Zeppelinesque its fun.  Someone
is playing an acoustic guitar (very Page like) and inserted the parts of
Robert singing from the studio version of "Blcak Dog" (the sections where
only Robert is singing).

2) A combination of the studio version of "WWL" mixed with Pink FLoyd's "ON
the Run" creating "A Whole Lotta Love on the Run."  It kind of works well!

3) "Hey Joe"  I am so embarrassed to say I can't tell if this one is real.
It sounds like a studio jam and it REALLY sounds like Plant, in fact, I
think it is, but the band doesn't sound like Zeppelin.

Anyhow, late, must go to bed.

- -Turi