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Re: Seattle Supersonic Rules/Shapes of FBO

michael gilson wrote:

> Are you kidding? The funk groove that they get into on this NQ makes it a
> unique version; I haven't heard any other, from any year, where they did it
> quite that way. And if it was an accident/improvisation, so much the
> better.

My opinion it was an accident led by Bonzo. I DO feel like Bonzo was kinda
egging him on to move it along. Again just my thoughts, as it seems like Bonzo
kept the whole show where he could going at breakneck speed. Albeit TSRTS
hasn't yet reached the total frenzy it would later on in life.

> I remember your reaction the first time you heard the 3/21 show, in light
> of all the hype. You were pretty disappointed as I recall, esp. re. the
> marathon Dazed. I dunno... We'll have to agree to disagree on this one,
> Nestor.

Well, I think that's all I'm really trying to say about SS....I heard the hype,
I fell into it, It grabbed me by my blessed socks and then spat me out like a
wad of flavorless gum. I WAS disappointed and that's stayed with me till now
when I was forced to give it a listen to prevent complete foot in mouth
implantation. Although some may feel THAT was in vain.

> I like JP's "Spanish interlude" during Dazed.

Hey once he gets it going it is nice but I feel like there was alot of wasted
space in between.

> And I always thought
> this particular NQ was one of the better ones, and that we're hearing
> inspired "interplay" between Bonzo and JPJ, not Bonzo "egging on" JPJ or
> waking him up from his meanderings...

I'll stick with your agreeing to disagree on this one. Those couple of hi hat
hits to me sound like a "C'mon let's pick it up here lads" touch. I could be
wrong, but it's just an opinion not empirical facts we're dealing with here.

>  And are those
> "noodling" chord structures all that different from those in the '77
> versions?

Funny, I have the same opinion about the 77 NQ's (except of course for MSG!!
but that's my own bias)

> > Talk about a cymbal fest. So bad that for me Kashmir is a skipper as
> > it's totally dominated by swooshing  cymbals and I just can't take it.
> What I notice through most of this boot is that whenever Plant is singing,
> the cymbals get pushed right back in the mix, and then they leap back out
> as soon as there are no vocals. It's definitely distracting; could be a
> limitation of the source tape

Who knows but it was just another reason why this one has been shelved for so

> I've always been fond of this particular OtHaFA because the rhythm section
> is very clear in the mix and you can appreciate the interplay. You don't
> like the Trampled Under Foot from this show?

TU feels rushed to me, but it may just seem so 'cause on my special version of
SS as I will now dub it, it's just one big crash crash crash

> TSRTS is also good, presaging the warp-speed versions from '77. The bass
> comes through very clear at the beginning of the song and provides another
> good illustration of how Jonesy never, ever played this song the same way
> twice in concert.

Both TSRTS & RS are well done. I especially like the sound of Jimmy's guitar on

> You can't blame them for SIBLY being unfocused; they only played it 3 times
> in '75. I actually think it's a fine rendition.

Fine, but not something to be touted as their finest live performance ever. For
'75 I will stick to 2/12 MSG as my personal fav.

Heck wasn't it not too long ago that I saw someone touting Burn Like a Candle
the finest Zep moments ever ?

Bottom line, I'm not saying it's a bad boot or show, just can't find it in
myself to call it their best. I certainly still do consider it as a Zep fan
essential FWIW.