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Seattle Supersonic Rules/Shapes of FBO

Seattle Supersonic overrated? Silly man. Not only was
it the best show from the 1975 tour...

It was also their finest live performance - from start
to finish - from the end of the US 1972 tour to their
last gig in 1980. That's right...

- - Better than any Fall 72 Japan show
- - Better than any winter 72/73 British/Euro gig
- - Better than any US 73 tour gig
- - Better than every other 1975 gig
- - Better than every 1977 gig
- - Better than the Copenhagen/Knebworth dress
- - Better than every show from the 1980 warm up tour

Plant's in great "latter period Zep" voice, Jimmy
plays great, Bonzo's a monster, JPJ is an animal. The
recording is super clean and clear for an audience
tape, the between song banter is charming. It features
everything a true fan should want from a bootleg - a
great performance captured on tape with all four
instruments discernible in the mix. If you don't have
it, get it. If you have it, listen to it more often.

More reasons to think that FBO includes the biggest
contingent of Wankers and Tossers on the Net. News
hits that Jeff Beck is being considered for the opener
spot on the Jimmy/Crowes tour. So what's the reaction
here? No speculation or guesses about the Guv'nor
coming out to join his old pal and his new buddies for
runs through Shapes of Things, Train Kept a-Rollin',
Happenings Ten Years Time Ago, Psycho Daisies, Beck's
Bolero. Nah. What we get here is:

"Aaaaa grrrr hrrrr hrrrrr....well, Kenny Wayne
Shepherd is the opener in my town and that's good
enough for me...grrr hrrr...hrrr...."

"Ah, I wonder if Jimmy and the Crowes are going to do