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RE: Best version of communication breakdown

I like 5/14/73 also

9/4/70 medley is pretty cool, also like the intro
1/9/70 because I love jimmy's RAH tone
1/27/73 dunno if many others agree with this one, but i always thought
jimmy's key switch in the beginning of his solo is pretty damn cool...  it's
all about timing

anyone else notice that JPJ's bassline during the guitar solo changes from a
"rolling, rumbling" one ca. 1969-70 to a relatively tempered,
straightforward bassline?  i kinda miss the old one...

i'm sure there are other great versions i'm forgetting, but these are the
ones that popped into my head

One sidenote:  i'm guessing that jimmy was pretty doped up during the
"presence" sessions...  i think cocaine is the only way he could have had
the energy to produce all of that music in such a pressured time period.
but man, aside from the obvious brilliance seen in achilles, one of the
greatest page moments has to be his solo in "nobody's fault"...  the note
selection and phrasing are impeccable IMO...  hell, i need some blow and a
deadline because i'm in a rut...  joking

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> Fred Scanlan wrote:
> > The best version of communication breakdown......
> > This is a very tough call but,
> > My vote is Osaka 9/29/71
> >
> > Any thoughts?
> Or, how about New Orleans 5/14/73?  It's awasome from beginning to end
> ...
> Brian
> Ft. Worth, TX