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WHO tickets & P/BC tickets for sale (Chicago area)

Thinking ticket sales were gonna be rough, I had a
couple friends get me tickets for both the WHO and
PAGE/CROWES.  Unfortunately, both friends got lucky
and, now, I am obligated to sell the extras.  

Tinley Park, IL shows.... World Music Theater... I
think the dates are 6/24 and 6/25.

The Who seats are in section 205.  The Page/Crowes
seats are in (I think) section 206.  These are
pavillion seats.  Not "lawn" seats.

Of course, I am asking face value + TicketBastard
charges + postage.

I think I may have 2 seats for the Who.

I know, fer sure, that I have 2 seats for Page/Crowes.

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