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Buckley, Vocal Lost i fa cation and The Lady In Pink

Hey Billiam

thanks for the heads up on the Buckley release

Grace is quite the album and you can thank his "scary" mother for "Sketches
>From My Sweetheart the Drunk"

I listen to it and can actually insert the full band in my head to true
audio nirvana.

Ironic the band were on their way to Memphis to record the tracks for the
second album

Jeff's cover of Gabriel's "Back IN NYC" is stellar

Good seeing the Pink Lady and JR back in fullious formius

Shar this little bro misses ya
and your eloquent ver be al adventures here

as for Roberts voice though
JR is right - it was top form till late 72
still there later but not in the scream like a banshe mode

even at the 77 show I saw alot was done with a vocal harmonizer

as for the pain in the voice
well I think his vocals in All of My Love sound sexy as hell
that vulnerability, that longing 
and that reaching out to his wife to close the gap his son's passing had

toodles from the topsoilant