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best Kashmir

was asked-
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2000 11:08:32 EDT
From: KashHeaven@xxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Melancholy condundrums...

<< 5. Was there ever a Zeppelin song that was
butchered in concert 
 more than 'Kashmir'? It took me 14 trades to finally
get a good one.

>Im with you here J.R. Which show did you find to be
>their best Kashmir?

>vw gann

well I will put in my 2 Cents worth on this.

best Zeppelin Kashmir-
 try the recent tree- 6-25-77
bonham drumming at the end is amazing- extended ending
back and forth between page and bonham, worth the
entire show for this version.

a couple of 75 versions are pretty good, 2-12-75 New
York and 6-21-75 Seattle.

then there are the Page Plant versions
2-13-96 Tokyo tops the list with 2-19-96 Osaka 2nd