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>  10. What a difference a day makes. April 25 1977,
> Louisville KY.  they sucked. One day off and they 
> took Cleveland Ohio by storm  on the 27th (too many 
> cigarettes though, Rob).

I dunno why, but people really swear by this show, but
I have never heard what it was that made everyone go
nuts.  It's a mediocre show at best.  There are better
shows from that tour.  Or any of their others.  This
isn't the worst performance of Zep's career, it's just
that it's so... *average*.  It doesn't really suck,
but it also doesn't soar to new heights.  It just
kinda stays level throughout and that's hella boring,
to me anyway.  Ah well, to each his own.

...And maybe it's just the lack of a complete TSRTS
from that show that's always pissed me off...


"I cannot stop the thought of running in the dark.
Coming up a which way sign.  All good truants must decide.
stripped and sold mom.  An auctioned forearm and whiskers in the sink.  Truants move on, cannot stay long.
Some die just to live..."