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Re: zeppelin-digest V2 #440

JR writes
 10. What a difference a day makes. April 25 1977, Louisville KY. 
 they sucked. One day off and they took Cleveland Ohio by storm 
 on the 27th (too many cigarettes though, Rob).
I've gotta agree with Luis Rey on this one.  If the 27th was good the 28th in 
was killer.  Even Page's lengthy solo spot before ALS soungs great and 
doesn't get boring.  No it's not a SB but the speed corrected audience 
recording has tremendous atmosphere (a crazed crowd) and Bonham's set has 
incredible depth.  There's quite a few cuts on the tape but the sound is 
amazing.  The band is on fire the whole show.    The guy freaking next to the 
tape deck right before the TUF encore cracks me up every time.
The magic was back big time on the April 28th 1977.

Speaking of great nights the recently treed Nassua 75 show sounds terrific.  
Many thanks to those responsible for spreading another classic Zep 

BTW, I've met Robert Plant breifly twice when I was working for WEA.  Both 
times he was incredibly pleasant and personable and quick with a joke.  I can 
understand the frustration of those concerning his vetoing of releasing live 
material but bashing a mans personality whom you haven't met says more about 
you than anything.
R. Mady