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Digital Information

Jason whined to the list about how he was mistreated:

>Here's a question I asked a little while back, and
>since it wasn't
>answered (people instead chose to beat me down rather
>than focus on the
>importance of the topic) here it is again:

Is it that people remember you for being a low-life
fucking theif that bothers you or is it that we chose
to remind the rest of the list of this fact, when you
post, that bothers you?

>Should people who trade DATs also list what the
>sampling frequency is on
>their trade lists?  It seems to me that a
>Master>48KHz DAT is better
>than a Master>44.1KHz.  I even have a few DATs that
>are recorded at
>96KHz.  What about bits, too -- most are 16 bit, but
>a few are 20 bit.

Why not just make your list totally accurate, asshole:

(could be)Master(stolen from XXXX, along with a few
other tapes)->Run through cassette a few times so I
can say I have the only real master->DAT
32khz(analog)->Analog in 16bit soundcard->Edited out
snippets of show to keep that *completeness* of
recording out of the hands of the masses->CDR

Trading with this dipshit is like trusting one of
Bartcops *West-coast* masters...that just happens to
be missing a song or two.

- -don