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Re: Copenhagen/Japan tree structure

OOhh shit! Now you've done it...LOL

Donald McElheny wrote:
> >bullshit. you are telling us that the dat copy is the 1st digital copy from
> >the master and that your cdr is the first cdr copy from that dat? what a
> >crock.
> Well it's certainly possibly, but probably unlikely.
> >these days it seems as though many traders list shows as
> >master>dat>cdr when in reality they are master>dat copy with unknown number
> >of digital copies>cdr copy with unknown number of digital copies.
> I'm guilty of this myself...when I first made the move to collecting cdrs on
> a widespread basis I didn't think it was important to list the digital
> generations, especially when so many seemed to be unknown.  I hope this
> doesn't lead to another huge thread...but I wonder how important it really
> is to keep track of digital generations? I'm as anal as the next trader when
> it comes to generation information, but the generation loss from digital
> copies is so miniscule that it seems somewhat silly to list.
> --Brett
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