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1980 New Album?

Just curious, were there ever talks or plans to have an album out after or
during the ill fated 1980 tour of the US?

*************CD REVIEWS************************

Listen to the Copenhagen show from 2-28-70.  Amazing fantastic, easily one
the best ever.  Wild demanding Danish audience pushes the group to multiple
encores.  Best sounding versions of Cmon Everybody/Something Else.  Pure
carnal performance of Long Tall Sally.  Pick up the "Dancing with Snow
CD if you have the money, it has the complete show in good quality, with no

Also, TDOLZ has released a fantastic 4 CD box set called "Double Clutch"
containing the two LA shows from 8-21,22-71.  This has fuller sound than my
low gen tape copy, and has the two shows complete.  It should be said that
the master for 8-21 Celebration Day and Moby Dick are not present.  The 21st
is easily my favorite show, and I have over 200 shows of Zep, so this is
saying quite alot about the show.  It is pure virtuoso playing, with an
animalistic edge thrown in my Bonham's relentless thunder and Plant's
vocals.  I think Rey uses the term "a cat in heat" to describe Plant's sound
on this date.  The 22nd is a great companion to the 21st, it is breathtaking
to see how good they can be after a wild first night.  Plant's vocals suffer
a little the second night, but nothing too noticable.  He can still nail the
high notes in Immigrant, they just sound a little hoarse.

This is my first post to the new list after the old one went to shit, good
work on everyone involved making the new one get off the ground.  I cast my
vote that it be called "The Ocean" as well.  Let's hope this one is around
for a long time to come.