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Message from Nathan and Vinod

I exchanged a few emails with Nathan Messer and Vinod Shankar, who have a
summer job that takes them around the country.  They are very shocked at
the demise of, uhm, what was that "other" list called?  Anyhow they have
the info about the new list.  Here's a message from Vinod:

Please say hello to everyone.  I (Vinod) will be signing up to this new 
list in a few weeks when I get back.  We've so far driven about 1400 
miles, with a good 1000 more to go, at least.  We were at CLemson and 
Vanderbilt and are stopping in Columbus on our way to Syracuse.  After 
that we'll be in the Cleveland area, and _WILL_ be going to the Rock and 
ROll Hall Of Fame... so if any of our Zep friends in Cleveland (or 
anywhere I guess) want to go too, they can email us at 
groovin@xxxxxxxxxxxx  (We'll check our mail every so often at a Kinkos 
maybe).  OH, and I think the new list should be called "The Ocean".  :)



- -Bruce

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