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<Jimmy Page> 'Ello?

<Robert Plant> Jimmy?

<Page> Yeah? Get on with it!!!!!

<Robert> It's me, Robert......

<Page> Robert who?.....

<Robert> *PLANT* you dipshit!!!!

<Jimmy> Oh.....yeah.......you sing, right?

<Plant> Pagey, quit being a fiucking jerk, 

<Page> Sorry mate, I thought you were a press person...

<Plant> Well I'm not.....but anyway, do you know anything about 

<Page> Well, I've been posing as this guy from California that likes 
Maker's Mark whisky and telling these Internet fans about how I did 
the old 'Studio Tricks', remember those?

<Plant> Yeah, I remember you used to hang around long after we were 
gone and did wild shit.

<Page> So what do you want to know about computahs, mate?

<Plant> Well, I had these fans come over to my house and....

<Page> Yeah, I remember that....

<Robert> Will you shut up and listen????.... Anyway, one of them 
wore a shirt that said something like 'Digital Graffiti: the Led 
Zeppelin Mailing List' or something. Well, I had the computer store 
bring me over, and I'll tell you, it's pretty boring. Apparantly the 
guy who does this thing "screens" the messages.....

<Pagey> Yeah, I've been doing this computah thing for a while now, 
everybody thinks my name is "Bill O'Neil" but what they don't knpw 
won't hurt 'em.......anyway, the problem you're having is that 
Digital Graffiti seems to not be what it once was....

<Plant> So how do I get on this new list? I think I'll use the name 
of "Vinod Shankar", I've done it before from the pub's computer, it 
seemed to have worked. What's the name of this new list?

<Page> Well, there have been several suggestions for a name but I 
figure it's only...........
*********<insert number of days here> DANCIN' DAYS TILL THE LIST GETS 
Brought to you by the *un*official 'List-Name' countdown