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Repost of 6/25/72 forthcoming next week....

Hello all...

To those who did not see the 6/25/72 review in the first digest, I will be
re-posting it next Wednesday, 9/3/97.  I noticed that the subscription to
the new list is a little small right and I want to be able to share this
review with as many as I can.

I'll be enjoying a 4-day weekend coming up and I am expecting some new
material from my friend Paul Holdren.  This good news, along with the birth
of this wonderful list, has me singing in the rain--even though it is not
raining where I am at right now!

About the 3/22/73 DAC performance:  I have not heard this one, but I do
have 3/24/73 Offenburg and that version is Page at his frenzied best.  The
high notes he hits will shatter your teeth, and his speed makes you wonder
if he has Steve Austin fingers--incredible.  It's been a while since I
listened to this bootleg, but I might give it another whirl this weekend. 
It's not one of the better audience recordings (there's a lot of fading in
and out between channels during DAC), but the power of Zeppelin manages to
shine nonetheless.

Here's wishes all on this new list a wonderful holiday weekend....

"And this has nothing to do with a chick in Detroit...It was a 'Black
Dog'..."  (Plant,  6/25/72)


PS  Possible next review:  4/7/70....