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FW: A bittersweet time...

This reply is from Steve Kilpatrick.

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> Sent: 	Friday, August 29, 1997 10:11 AM
> To: 	David Clayton
> Subject: 	Re: A bittersweet time...
> >> Anybody else think that the Hamburg '73 D&C is the tightest ever?
> >> Yowza -
> >> 
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> >The Hamburg D&C is fantastic but lately I've been transfixed by the
> >Essen version on 3-22-73.  Bonham just seems to level everything in
> his
> >path on this version.  This (at the moment) is my favorite version of
> >D&C as well as my favorite example of why Bonham was the most amazing
> >drummer ever.  Does anyone else out there care to vote for their
> >favorite D&C and if possible the song or show that they feel
> showcases
> >Bonham's talents best.  A monumental task I know but an interesting
> one
> >anyways.
> >Dave C.
> For that matter, the whole European tour was pretty amazing. Sometimes
> listening to the often pedestrian U.S. shows from just 2 months later,
> I can't
> believe it's from the same time period. What happened between March
> and May?
> BTW, thanks to all the folks who welcomed me on the eskimo list ("we
> come from
> the land of the ice and snow"). At the risk of mentioning
> unmentionables, I
> wanted to point out that never once in my e-mail to Zerxes did I
> mention Thor.
> So, his statement to Thor that "Stephen Kilpatrick wants you back" was
> either
> adapted from a Motown hit or pulled from his colon. Enough of that -
> Steve Kilpatrick