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Zep reference

OK This is my 1st post to the new list .... just thought I'd try it out &
if everything works on this end.

I recently attended a Government Mule show, which was great & I've been
really getting into collecting their shows, anyways along with Warren Haynes
(lead/ slide guitarist) & Allen Woody (bass) being great, the drummer is
really goo ... he is Matt Abts & this band is heavily influenced by a number
of blues musicians, rock power trios, Zappa, Thelonius Monk, JBeck, Tom
Waits, etc.

Anyways the cover, among, Young Man Blues, during the outro/medley of the
song, Matt usually throws in the starting beat of Rock And Roll.

Sorry for this minor Zep content, but we'll survive.

Take care .... Jeff

PS I'm looking for trades of new groups .... Foo Fighters, Stone Temple
Pilots, Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins, & older groups like Robin Trower,
Buchanon, Jeff Beck, Johnny Winter, Pat Travers, etc. ..... I have plenty of
Zep, Page & Plant, etc. ....