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Re: Ahhh, feels so good...

On Thu, 28 Aug 1997, You Wish wrote:

> Well, finally a site has been chosen and the Led Zeppelin
> talk can finally commence.  I was cruzing the web for posters
> and found a site called Rick's Movie Graphics.  They sell
> original and reprints of movie posters.  Well anywho, I looked
> up The Song Remains the Same, and sure enough they have both
> the orignal and reprint of the poster.  The cost for the original
> is 40 bucks, and the reprint is 25 bucks.  The url is:
> http://www.ricksmovie.com/index.html
> Thinking about getting one.. Do you think that is a reasonable
> price or not?

Well Mike, it really depends on the size of the poster. $25 for a
reproduction is kinda expensive, unless  of course it is a huge poster.
ANd $40 would be a good price if there were only so many in existance....I
don't know if Rick Barrett is on this list or not, I don't beleive he was
on mine. But he would probably be the best person to ask. :)