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Hi, everybody!

Hey, folks. You have no idea how nice it is for me to
	get on this new list. Anyway, I thought I'd start a classic
	thread to hopefully get a little discussion going.

	I think I've got about 70 tapes worth of bootlegs - about
	90% are zep-related, and yet I still don't feel like
	I have a representative example of Zeppelin's live shows.
	Isn't that funny? With almost any other band, one show
	from each tour would be more than enough. But not Zep.

	Here's my question: I have lots of well-known Zep bootlegs.
	Badgeholder's, Secret History, Blueberry Hill - to name a
	few. What are some absolutely essential Zeppelin bootlegs 
	that I MUST get? I'm almost done with my latest batch of
	trades, and I'm looking for some more reccomendations.
	Also, what are some essential P/P boots? I've got the few
	shows that were recently treed, and I'm wondering where
	to go from here. 

	So, tell me/us your favorite boots! What won't I be complete

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