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2nd Tree Anncmt: San Bernadino 6/22/72...

Hello all ye rebels!

    This is the second (first on this Stanford list) of three 
announcements for my tree of the 6/22/72 San Bernadino, CA 'Swing 
Auditorium' show. This show came into my possession recently and I 
was so impressed with it's quality that I felt it would be a good 
show to tree to this young list. The CD that the tapes will be dubbed 
from is called 'Berdu'. It's roughly 140 minutes long, and is a full 
show. Audience recording with great levels and bass response. 

Here's the track list:

1. Intro
2. Immigrant Song
3. Heartbreaker
4. Black Dog
5. Since I've Been Lovin' You
6. Stairway to Heaven
7. Dazed and Confused
8. Going To California
9. That's The way
10. Tangerine
11. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp
12. What Is And What should Never Be
13. Moby Dick
14. Whole Lotta Love
- ->Let That Boy Boogie
- ->Let's Have A Party
- ->Hello Mary Lou
- ->Going Down Slow
15. Rock and Roll

I've seen several postings that are discouraging treeing a show so 
early in the game. But the best reply I can come up with is, 
"Piss on ya!" :-)
The tree goes on.
A lot of interest has been generated so far, and if 
necessary, this tree can roll over to the permanent list "home", if 
we aren't there already. 

Ok, enough with the crap, let talk primo Zep show here. I'm going to 
quote Luis Rey's and Dave Lewis and Simon Pallett's books to help 
everyone to know what the show's like.

Here's what LuisRey had to say in "Led Zeppelin Live: The Final 

Recording Quality: " Another very good audience recording."

Comments: "At first glance this show is nothing but a standard 1972 
performance. No surprises, no previews (they seem to have reserved 
those for the big venues) and a rather dull response from the 
audience. But don't let any of this fool you!"

  "What really shines here is the outstanding playing, especially the 
sorcery of Mr. Page.  'Dazed and Confused' is pure, clean virtuosity 
with all the fingering techniques you can imagine compiled into 25 
minutes. The final section is most magical, with Plant in unison with 
the wah-wah in crazy, break-up tempos. Page actually invents and 
combines so many riffs, so many magical memories, that it's 
impossible to count them (including 'Route 66', 'The Crunge', 
Steppenwolf's 'Born To Be Wild' and even some bits of Latin/Salsa)."

"The fireworks of 'Whole Lotta Love' heat everything up; the effect 
of the violent instrumental break in 'Everybody Needs Somebody To 
Love' is breathtaking and the 'Boogie' guitar is absolutely 
outstanding. And finally, the schizophrenic blues solo; restful one 
minute and a storm the next."
Here's how Dave Lewis and Simon Pallett break it down from "The 
Concert File":

  "After the Seattle extravanganza, the band return to the standard 
set. However, the performance is still excellent. The Band are now 
really in their stride."

  "During a totally Page dominated 'Dazed and Confused', Robert yells 
out "C'mon all you white folks - Do The Crunge!" and John Bonham's 
weight conyinues to fluctuate - tonight he's introduced as being 168 

  "The only negative aspect of tonight's show is the fact that the 
audience persist in throwing firecrackers which only serves to 
irritate Plant: "All those firecrackers - that's a load of shit!"

To get on board for this tape set, send me email with your preference 
of "branch" or "leaf" and your geographic location. 

I'm sure that all will enjoy this show, and it's a good way to get 
this list off the ground.