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A first post...and a Welcome to the Permanent Home of the Real Led

Welcome to all!

This is indeed a wonderful day!  The Zeppelin flagship, filled with the
most knowledgeable and passionate fans of Led Zeppelin, flies once more in
a spirit of goodwill and harmony, freed from its oppressive taskmasters of
old (sounds like a Cecil B. Demile movie, doesn't it?) and released once
more to deliver the most quality Led Zeppelin discussions to the Internet
world (except for this post, of course).

As a true christening of the new list, I will post my first review here
tomorrow of a wonderful concert at the LA Forum:  June 25, 1972.  I hope
you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.  But be forewarned!  This
is not for the faint at heart, for the review is over 6200 words long....

Until then, I'm glad to be among the most valuable of Led Zeppelin fans....

"And this has nothing to do with a chick in Detroit...It was a 'Black
Dog'..."  (Plant,  6/25/72)